Our Mission

At Jool we make food with health & ethics as main ingredients. Our recipe is substitute processed eco-unfriendly ingredients with healthy natural eco-friendly ingredients. Join us on our mission to live fuller lives and leave earth better than we found it. We develop healthy alternatives to popular unhealthy products.

Instead of inventing we take exiting popular product categories that use unhealthy, processed and eco-unfriendly ingredients and substitute them with healthy, natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Our first product is a chocolate date spread that is a healthy alternative to sugary, palm oily 'chocolate' spreads.


Food can be: used as energy to fuel our body, as a form of medicine, or enjoyed by our senses. In one way or another food serves a purpose each time it’s consumed. The ingredients and recipes we use to make our food has a direct impact on our body, health, and wellbeing. At Jool USA, our mantra is ingredients you don’t have to check. We mean it not just for our products but also for our mission, company, and everything we do. 

Today’s food brands were built on the backbone of sugar, palm oil, artificial flavors, and other processed ingredients. There’s a growing body of evidence that the foods we eat today are unhealthy – making us weak and age faster. Most popular foods today were developed almost a century ago during wartime when real ingredients were scarce, expensive, and didn’t last long enough to feed the troops. The ingredients used we cheap, refined, processed and eco-unfriendly. Our opportunity lies in making healthy eco-friendly alternatives to these popular products.


We only use the highest ingredients in our foods. We don’t compromise the foods we develop to save on time, money, quality, or hardship of development. We are patient, focused and persist using only the best possible ingredients until we succeed. We avoid limiting ourselves by diets and instead focus on using the best possible ingredients.


We develop recipes using best in class ingredients with the perfect harmony of flavors and health benefits. We carefully evaluate ingredients we combine to improve the digestion, nourishment, and overall health impact of the foods we make. We avoid additional recipes that provide no additional value but rather compromises.