What's Jool

The perfect blend of medjools and natural ingredients with no added sugar. Juicy and sweet, a unique caramel-like flavor profile, nutrient dense, and a versatile food.

Our focus has always been on getting more people to enjoy nature's tastiest power fruit: Medjools.

Dates are the king of fruits and Medjools are the king of dates. They are juicy, sweet, nutrient dense, and versatile.

Where we play

Medjools in their typical state aren't always seen as beautiful to the everyday consumer too busy to give them a try. They've got natural wrinkles on their skin, dark in color, and sticky on fingers. But the benefits are too much to watch so many people pass up on nature's tastiest power fruit - the answer was Jool: the perfect blend of medjools and natural ingredients with no added sugar. Jool is about getting more people to enjoy nature's tastiest power fruit, medjools, by fixing sugary foods with a healthy natural sweetener.

The special characteristics of Jool: Natural Fibrous Sugar - NFS (TM): Not all sugar is created equal and while added, refined, and processed sugars are linked with poor health outcomes. NFS is linked with countless health benefits. NFS releases sugar over time because of the fiber giving you sustained energy instead of a high and crash that leaves you sluggish and damages your body. Nutrient dense - out of all the possible NFSs in the world Jool is very nutrient dense with a good source of vitamins, minerals, and even protein. Tasty, versatile with other foods - Jool has a sweet unique flavor and taste with a versatile texture that makes it a great substitute for many sugary foods.

Ingredients that marry well with Jool

Upgrade from unhealthy, sugary, palm oily jams and spreads.

Principles of Clean Eating We Follow

We're on a mission to fix sugary foods with a healthy natural sweetner. To stay true to our mission we follow four main clean eating principles.

  • - Minimize processed foods
  • - Choose unrefined over refined foods
  • - No preservatives, artificial flavors, colors
  • - Use essential ingredients with a purpose

We do our best to think about why we use each one of the ingredients in our products, what purposes do they serve in the product and to our customers. If we have any doubt about either of those questions we know the right thing to do is to keep it out or wait until we can answer those questions.