The Jool Story

Check your purpose.

Without first figuring out what our purpose was there was nothing to keep us going forward. Instead of inventing, we had to listen. We had to listen to our customers, friends and family, and find out what they needed rather than try and force a food idea into the marketplace. Most importantly we had to listen to our hearts.

We serendipitously landed on Jool

At one point in our quest to ‘invent’ the next big thing in food we fell into a lull of innovation. We decided to just sell depitted medjool dates. We had started to carry inventory in anticipation of sales, however, we hit issues in terms of packaging and labeling that started to eat away at the shelf life of our medjool date inventory. It was during this time that we decided to try and salvage the dates before they started to crystalize making them less appealing by turning them into a jam.Turned out it was the perfect product. Medjool dates are naturally large, soft, sweet, and nutritional powerhouses of fruits.

A great name for a great product

The medjool date jam was very delicious and sweet, easily spreadable, and all natural. We gave our first patch to friends and family and with some feedback and tweaks we developed the perfect tastiest healthiest blend that we’re very proud of. To match the great product with the great name we dropped the “med” from “medjool” and called it Jool.

Getting More People To Enjoy Nature's Tastiest Power Fruit

Most people grow up not knowing about dates at all or not liking them very much because they associated it with something medicinal. That’s a barrier and mindset change we want people overcome. Jool makes eating dates more enjoyable than the actual fruit. Medjools in their typical state aren't always seen as beautiful to the everyday consumer too busy to give them a try. They've got natural wrinkles on their skin, dark in color, and sticky on fingers. But the benefits are too much to watch so many people pass up on nature's tastiest power fruit - the answer was Jool: the perfect blend of medjools and natural ingredients with no added sugar.

The special characteristics of Jool.

Natural Fibrous Sugar - NFS (TM): Not all sugar is created equal and while added, refined, and processed sugars are linked with poor health outcomes. NFS is linked with countless health benefits. NFS releases sugar over time because of the fiber giving you sustained energy instead of a high and crash that leaves you sluggish and damages your body. Nutrient dense - out of all the possible NFSs in the world Jool is very nutrient dense with a good source of vitamins, minerals, and even protein. Tasty, versatile with other foods - Jool has a sweet unique flavor and taste with a versatile texture that makes it a great substitute for many sugary foods.

Be like a date-palm tree.

Have a strong foundation with deep roots into the earth. Be flexible in tough times. Patience in times of drought. Nothing wasted.

Upgrade from unhealthy, sugary, palm oily jams and spreads

Anywhere where Jool can be a substitute for sugar we’ve come out with a product that replaces sugar with a power fruit. We are all about fixing sugary foods with a healthy natural sweetener. One breakthrough is with all natural nut butters. There's always the issue of having to stir around the oil at the top and in the end you always end up with clumps of the nut butter at the top because all the oil is gone. By adding just a little bit of Jool we've solved the problem without using sugar or palm oil; just a power fruit with powerful benefits.

JOOL then and now