Start with yourself

Start at the beginning. Start with why. Start with yourself.

The solution lies inside the problem. It’s underneath your nose. Get closer to your own self. Focusing on you is in of itself a worthy pursuit.

Changing human behavior is humanity’s most difficult problem. Before journeying out to change the world first develop the skill to change yourself.
This advice is for all of us @joolusa first and foremost. Every moment is an opportunity for change in the right direction. We do it with small things like environmentally friendly cleaning agents to bigger things like our persistence to only use the best ingredients.
Laudable brands today were built at the core by people with great values and an even greater passion to deliver that value to the rest of us.

@joolusa we believe that people who take every moment as an opportunity to move in the right direction create a positive ripple affect for all of us to do the same


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